Business Networking Platform (BNP)

Membership Eligibility

All Businesses/Startups covered under micro, small and medium enterprises being run in the form of:
a) Individual
b) Proprietorship
c) Partnership Firm
d) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
e) Private Limited Company
f) Joint Venture/ Short Term Association

Exemplary list of businesses and professionals eligible for membership:
a) SEO Professionals
b) Traders
c) Small Manufacturers
d) Insurance Agents
e) Investment Advisors
f) Pharmacists
g) Digital Marketing Agencies
h) Exhibition Organizers
i) Health Product Dealers
j) Jewelry Designers
k) Jewelry Suppliers
l) Makeup artists
m) Salon owners
n) Web Designers
o) Bloggers
p) Publishers
q) Printers
r) Software Professionals
s) Software Suppliers
t) Stationery Suppliers
u) Fashion Designers
v) Event Organizers
w) Dress Designers
x) Gift Suppliers
y) Gift Vendors
z) Grocery Suppliers
aa) Beauty Product Dealers
bb) Wedding Planners